Engine Bay Accessories

EC Silicone Vacuum Kit (500T/Abarth) Scorpion Metal Hood Prop by Custom Hood Props MPX Hood Support Lift Kit
EC Silicone Vacuum Kit (500T/Abarth)Scorpion Metal Hood Prop by Custom Hood PropsMPX Hood Support Lift Kit

Designed and made by EC Oklahoma for the 2012+ Fiat 1.4T Engine. While the factory vacuum lines are still new, they're made of cheap plastics and rubbers. Removal during modifications puts wear and tear on already frail vacuum lines. Our high...

Add the ultimate accessory to your engine bay when attending car shows with a Scorpion Metal Hood Prop by Custom Hood Props. These Hood Props are custom made in a RAW METAL finish. Very easy to either paint yourself or have it custom powder...Lift your hood with ease with the MPX Hood Support Lift Kit. This kit includes stainless steel brackets, two hood lifts, bolts and necessary instructions. NO DRILLING IS REQUIRED. This kit easily mounts to the hood and core support. Choose between black or polished hood struts.




Gruvenparts Machined Aluminum Oil Filter Housing MPX Polished Oil Cap
Gruvenparts Machined Aluminum Oil Filter HousingMPX Polished Oil Cap

Precision Machined Aluminum Oil Filter Housings For 2012-2017 Fiat 500 1.4L Engines ! This product is intended to replace Chrysler/Fiat Part Number 048-928-50AA (04892850AA) . Please check the OEM part number of your oil filter housing cap before...

Introducing the MPx polished oil cap for the 1.4L Multi-Air.. We designed a new oil cap from scratch that fit nicely into our hands (to make it easier to take it off and on) and is a quality American made piece, CNC machined aluminum oil caps, with rubber o-ring seals.