Clutchmasters FX Series Clutch Kit Prometeo Meccanica Self-Locking Differential (LSD) Clutchmasters Single Mass Light Weight Aluminum Flywheel
Clutchmasters FX Series Clutch KitPrometeo Meccanica Self-Locking Differential (LSD)Clutchmasters Single Mass Light Weight Aluminum Flywheel
Clutch Masters FX Series performance clutch kit for the 2012+ Fiat 500 Abarth/500T. The New FX series clutch kit features a High Leverage pressure plate, performance disc and alignment tool. High Leverage Pressure Plate This pressure plate...As every sports car with front wheel drive, Abarth 500 (or Abarth 595) may suffer low traction, due to the high torque unloading to tires. This situation usually happens in corner exit, where internal wheel is partially unloaded by current weight...Clutchmasters Light Weight Aluminum Flywheel for the 2012+ Fiat 500 Abarth/500T. Looking for faster throttle response without compromising any bottom end torque? This flywheel weighs 8lbs less than then the Dual Mass OEM flywheel. Single Mass...




Neu-F by Neuspeed Torque Arm Insert Cravenspeed Short Throw Shifter for the Abarth/500T Cravenspeed Shifter Retaining Clip
Neu-F by Neuspeed Torque Arm InsertCravenspeed Short Throw Shifter for the Abarth/500TCravenspeed Shifter Retaining Clip

Under hard acceleration, especially during boosting on turbo Fiats, the entire engine and transmission rock forward and backward. The motion is limited by factory 'torque arm' which is constructed of steel arm and rubber bushing. Although the...

This shifter will shorten the throw on your Abarth stick and change the way you feel about shifting. Every movement is so much more precise that you will fall in love with driving manual all over again. This shifter is perfect for you if: Feel...

Replace Your Factory Retainer Clip When changing the shifter in your FIAT 500 or Abarth it can be easy to break the plastic retaining clip. FIAT won't sell you a replacement without purchasing your entire shifter assembly, so now we manufacture a...




Neu-F Short Shift Adapter
Neu-F Short Shift Adapter

Neu-F's Patent Pending short shift adapter is made utilizing CNC machined Chromoly Steel. This material is known for its high Rockwell hardness which gives the adapter its strength and rigidity. Another good characteristic of Chromoly is its...