MPX Blow-off Plate
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If you have a 2012+ Fiat 500/500L/500X/124 and Dodge Dart with the 1.4 Turbo engine and want a blow off valve noise instead of a whisper quiet engine, this is for you!

This works with both the stock air box, and aftermarket air intakes!

We've designed a diverter plate that goes in between the factory diverter and the turbo. With this piece, when you shift, or release the gas you'll hear a audible whish noise!

In most cases, whenever you wanted to install a blow off valve you'd need to buy a $250 blow off valve and then buy a mounting kit for a total of $350-$450. With this simple bolt on piece, you can keep your stock diverter, and have just as much fun for a lot less!


  • Easy installation, takes about 5-10 minutes with a single allen key.
  • Polished aluminum construction.
  • Great blow off valve sound in minutes without spending a lot of money!
  • Item #: 226123
  • Manufacturer: Modern Performance
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 226123

MPX Blow-off Plate

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